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Haven’t had much time for personal work lately so I’m just uploading some work in progress images of a project I’m doing in my spare time. I have a story in mind for this character based on the Blade Runner movie, but set 30 years later.

White walker

White walker fan art from Game of thrones. I wanted to do my own version of one of these guys.


I’ve been noodling on this on and off for awhile. Details done using mari and texture xyz, sculpt in zbrush.


Some sketches I did for practice. Zbrsush and dynamesh.

BFG clothing previz.

Some Big Friendly Giant stuff I never posted here. Clothing ideas and paintover.

The BFG. The Big Friendly Giant.

The BFG. The Big Friendly Giant.


The BFG. The Big Friendly Giant.


Last update for SNOKE from Star Wars The force awakens.

Snoke render

Snoke clay render
Snoke render of zremesh geometry with displacement. Updated the ear gadget but is decimated geometry.





Well its a new year and wanted to start something new. Thought I would try my hand at the Sith Lord Snoke from Star Wars the force awakens. The ear gadget is a very basic place holder for the moment. All done in zbrush.

BFG close ups.

Big Friendly Giant

Big Friendly Giant

Big Friendly Giant

BFGRender094BFGRender095BFGRender093a Big Friendly Giant

Big Friendly Giant rendered in Arnold made with maya, zbrush and mari

BFG – continued.

Bfg face

Bfg face


Big changes since my last post. I’ve tweaked the face further and started to model up his body. Also started learning marvelous designer. Rendered in Arnold for maya, Sculpt in zbrush, texture in mari/mudbox, Modeling in maya.

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