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Woman update

Have a bit of time to play with this. I’m using renderman 21.5 and the new sss.  Displacement is done using texturingXYZ displacement maps. Hair is xgen using Pixars hair shader.  Thanks for looking.


My old white walker in a forest setting. Hdri used from hdrihaven.

Late night experiments with Digital Emily

Learning new things from scan data. The model can be found here:


10d 16a 19

Working on a new head which I may make into video tutorials for texture and shading. I based the head loosely on Olga, though this is not meant to be a likeness exercise.
The topology is experimental.
Thank you for looking.

Motoko Kusanagi the Ghost in the Shell.

Motoko Kusanagi the Ghost in the Shell.  I based her mostly on the 1995 anime. I went through a few versions of this, trying a more asian look as well. Though I felt it strayed further away from the idea that is Motoko. Maybe I’ll get time to come back to her, the purple hair and red eyes is an older version. Hope you like it.

Batou from Ghost in the Shell.


Wanted to try my hand at Batou using an existing 3d head. Used zbrush, maya and arnold. Hair done using fibermesh and xgen.


Haven’t had much time for personal work lately so I’m just uploading some work in progress images of a project I’m doing in my spare time. I have a story in mind for this character based on the Blade Runner movie, but set 30 years later.

White walker

White walker fan art from Game of thrones. I wanted to do my own version of one of these guys.


I’ve been noodling on this on and off for awhile. Details done using mari and texture xyz, sculpt in zbrush.


Some sketches I did for practice. Zbrsush and dynamesh.