Hi welcome to my new site.

Here is a bit about myself:

Brett is a self taught freelance character artist living in South Africa.
Creating characters from start to finish. Including modeling, uving and texturing.

His main programs are maya, zbrush, photoshop and Arnold renderer.

He mostly does work for game cinematics companies such as digic pictures and plastic wax as well as rapid prototyping for McFarlane.

His always looking to work on really cool projects so please contact him at sinclairbrettp AT hotmail.com or sinclairbrettp AT gmail.com

No free work please as I already have my own projects I work on in my spare time and have a family I like to spend time with.



Name: Brett Sinclair

Born: South Africa

Nationality: South African

Currently Living: South Africa,  Johannesburg

Education: AAA school of advertising- Diploma in art direction, Damelin-Certificate in multimedia.

Specialty: Organic Modeling / 3d sculpting / Texture Painting / Scan data retopo.

Software: Maya, ZBrush, MudBox, Photoshop, Headus Uvlayout, Arnold.

Modeling Techniques: Polygon modeling, all displacement detail is sculpted in either mudbox or zbrush. Texturing done using mudbox and photoshop.

Employment: Currently freelance. Looking for more clients and cool projects to work on and be inspired by.

Current freelance clients:

Riot Games: Modeler, texture, shading artist for cinematics.

Black studios: Modeler, texture and shading artist for film and games.

El Ranchito: Modeler, texture, shading artist for film.

Plastic Wax: Game  cinematics.

Digic Pictures: Game cinematics.

Previous employment:

McFarlane toys: Rapid prototype for 3d print.

Visual art production LLC:  Character concept artist / Modeler / 3d sculptor and texture artist for unreleased movie.

Jock animation:  Modeled and textured background characters for jock.

Ministry of illusion: 3d generalist.

Suspended animation: 3d generalist.

nine degrees: Intern/3d generalist.

E-mail: sinclairbrettp@hotmail.com, sinclairbrettp@gmail.com


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