5 thoughts on “DarkMatter11

    1. I have. I just don’t like that the guide curves have a set number of spans and there is no smooth brush. It makes it incredibly difficult for long hair. I’m Hoping xGen has better options.


      1. Hey you can create your own guide curve or can export from Zbrush and then make shave guide to follow it ,Shave > Edit current > comb using curve. (Select all curve and then shave node). Smooth brush will be a good include .



      2. I have done that. But shave still uses its own guide curve and the span count is really low. Like 14 or something. Its not high enough for a good groom in my opinion. Thanks for the tip though :).


  1. I just love her new face. Really love her.
    You are a mentor for me man. I wouldnt have the same motivation if i had never seen your work.
    Thank you for that.


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