Luke Skywalker


A lot of updates, this started off as my own take on Morbius the living vampire.
Not sure if it will remain that way or if it will be used for something else completely. Hope you like it.
All detail sculpted in zbrush. Texture hand painted in zbrush and rendered in Arnold. I’m also using xgen interactive hair and rendering it in the ACES colour space.

Ben Throttle

Had A lot of fun making this one. Ben from the lucas arts game Full Throttle. The model hasn’t got any animation topo. Its all just zbrush sculpting.

Render done in Arnold. I wondered what the game could look like with todays graphics. It could be beautiful to see some of those old point and click games updated. 

Wireframe, Still a work in progress.



Astronautica 2.0

Here is a character I did earlier this year to learn more about Pixars Renderman shading and lighting. This is using Pixars Renderman 22.1 and the non exponential path traced sss setting.

She has no spec or roughness map in these renders, light sources are also rather small in size.  Using one rectangle area light and a studio hdri.

I was hoping to create something more with this character but found I need a clearer story. The suit in these renders isn’t finished because I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

Thanks for looking.


Here is a video recording of my screen with my phone. Sorry if its bad quality. I don’t own recording software. The recording is using viewport rendering in renderman 22.2.

Mr Grump.



Paddy, a mystical character called a Grump.

A project I’ve been working on in my free time.

Zbrush for displacement, Mari for albedo map. All painted by hand, no projections used. Render done using Rendermans Path traced SSS. Some exposure and gamma correct is later applied to tweak the over all values. Hope you like.


Seems the image was compressed. Hopefully this crop will show more detail.


Here is a video capture from my phone. This is an updated version with  hair and new texture. Sorry for the poor video quality. I don’t own recording software.

The rendering is done with renderman 22.2